Student Research Ideas

If you are interested in learning more about homelessness and contributing new knowledge to the field, here are some ideas you may want to consider for an Honour’s or Master’s thesis. 

  1. Wartime housing was created for people working in war-related industries, and later for soldiers after they advocated for their needs. Conduct a historical review of wartime housing in your community, city, or province to see what records can be found and the state of the housing today.
  2. The literature on Housing First presented in this chapter comes from Canadian research published primarily from 2018 ‚Äď 2021. There are many more studies that have been published. Identify a question you have about Housing First and conduct an extensive literature review that consists of research from other countries and/or published prior to 2018. Be sure to note how the literature changes and evolves over time.
  3. As part of funding requirements under new strategic initiatives, many communities have created 10-year plans to end homelessness. Evans and Masuda (2020) have argued that these plans open up spaces for exploration of the shifting terrain of homelessness policy in the 21st century. Conduct an online search to identify the 10-year plan from the community you live in, or one that is nearby, and review its progress since implementation. You may also want to select a few different community plans and compare them to one another.



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