From Humble Beginnings…

We published this ebook in February 2022. Since then we have been overjoyed with how many people have visited and engaged with this resource. Here are some of the recognitions we have been honoured to receive.

ūüŹÜ Significant Impact OER Award Winner (September 2023)

This video was submitted as part of our nomination for the Open Education Global Awards in the Significant Impact OER category to tell the story of how this project evolved from humble beginnings to a global award-winning online resource.

Understanding Homelessness in Canada: From the Street to the Classroom (4:41)


On September 13, 2023 it was announced that this project WON the  Significant Impact OER Award!

This award recognizes high-quality innovative teaching and learning materials openly shared that has also demonstratively had a major impact on accessibility, distribution, remix, learning, or social change. These include but are not limited to Open Courses, Open Textbooks, Videos / Simulations / Animations, Audio / Audiobook, etc.

Click the image below to open the 1-minute video clip of the award announcement.

screenshot of OE Global Revealing the Open Education Awards 2023 Winners YouTube video

ūüŹÜ Excellence in Online and Blended Learning Innovation Award (March 2023)

OLC awardThe Excellence in Online and Blended Learning Innovation Award from the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) recognizes new and imaginative practices or approaches impacting the quality, effectiveness, and equity of online, blended, or digital learning among the global community.

‚ÄúTalking Textbook‚ÄĚ on Homelessness Wins International Innovation Award for Trent University Team

Free online resource developed at Trent aims to increase understanding of homelessness in Canada

James Bailey, Stephanie Ferguson, Dr. Kristy Buccieri, and Dr. Cyndi Gilmer at the OLC Innovate 2023 Awards Gala in Nashville, Tennessee.

ūüŹÜ Pressbooks New Book of the Month (January 2023)

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ūüŹÜ Pressbooks Community Favourites: 2022 (December 2022)

Understanding Homelessness in Canada

Creator(s): Kristy Buccieri; James Davy; Cyndi Gilmer; and Nicole Whitmore
Network: eCampus Ontario Open Library

Why it‚Äôs awesome: This book brings together lived experience representation and the most recent research to explore homelessness in Canada, from a range of different perspectives. Real life scenarios, embedded interview videos, artwork and interactive learning activities help learners explore and understand complex contributing factors and issues around homelessness.

‚úď Collaboration
‚úď Diversity & Representation
‚úď Equity & Inclusion
‚úď Interactivity
‚úď Localization





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Understanding Homelessness in Canada Copyright © 2022 by Kristy Buccieri, James Davy, Cyndi Gilmer, and Nicole Whitmore is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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