As we set out to review the literature, conduct researcher interviews, and ultimately produce this book, we gave ourselves a task ‚Äď to explore seemingly simple questions that have complex answers. With this mission in mind, we have saved the best for last. Here we have come to the point where we reflect on everything we have learned and consider the next steps in moving forward. Homelessness is a difficult topic, and it may feel like there is little we can do about it. As you read the chapters of this book, you may have found yourself struggling with a sense of being overwhelmed. With all of the issues that people who experience homelessness face, what could we as a society possibly do to make this situation better?


Throughout this book we have incorporated quotes from research we previously conducted. One of the questions we asked people in this research was what they would fix about homelessness in their community if they had a magic wand. This seems like a good question for us to pose here as well. Imagine that as you sit reading this Conclusion, having learned all about homelessness in Canada, you are given a magic wand. How would you use it to solve the social problem of homelessness? We began this book with a game, and so we end here with one as well.



As you continue through the Conclusion, we encourage you to keep the magic wand in your pocket. While we may not be able to wave a wand and fix these complex issues so easily, it is a good reminder that we all have more power than we realize. 


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