Revisiting the Real Life Scenarios

Arin and Tanzia

Let‚Äôs return to the two people we met at the beginning of the chapter. Arin is an individual who has underlying mental health issues and struggles with stability in many aspects of their life, including housing. Tanzia is an individual who has had significant challenges with substance use, changing mental health circumstances, and subsequently a long history of unstable housing. 


We need to ask ourselves:

  • Throughout this chapter we have discussed the complexity of situations experienced by individuals. Arin and Tanzia‚Äôs stories are good examples of complex lives. How do these stories make you feel?
  • Dr. Ecker reminds us that unresolved or untreated mental health challenges can lead to homelessness and re-traumatization of individuals. We have discussed the need to provide trauma-informed support for folks who experience homelessness. What role do you think trauma plays and/or has played in the lives of these two individuals?
  • Dr. Thulien, Dr. Abramovich, and Dr. Schwan reiterated the importance of social connection as a key to the well-being of individuals. What do you think about Arin and Tanzia‚Äôs social connectiveness? What strengths do you see? What challenges do you see?
  • Dr. Kidd reminds us of the importance of the impact of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) on both physical and mental health outcomes. How do you think not having adequate shelter, nutritious food, good relationships, access to employment, meaningful activities, and generally being not able to get what they need in the world have affected Arin and Tanzia‚Äôs mental health?
  • If you come from a person-centred perspective, are there interventions introduced in this chapter that might fit with the needs of Arin and Tanzia? If so, which might you investigate further for both individuals?

Recall the Four Foundational Concepts


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