Week 4

Reflection, Comprehension, Discussion

5 Gender equality    10 Reduced inequalities


Comprehension Questions

Discussion Questions

  • The United Nations has identified investing early in human capital is an important strategy for reducing inequalities. What are some actions that can be taken whether here in Canada or in your own country to support this strategy?
  • We saw earlier an example from Hamilton Ontario, Canada, a 23-year gap in life expectancy between different neighbourhoods with the highest life expectancy at 87.7 years, and the lowest at 64.8 years[1].
    • Option 1) Discuss the reasons of this variation with possible avenues of solutions.
    • Option 2) Look to your own country or geographic region, does a similar disparity exist? If yes, explore why. If no, explore possible mechanisms in place that are preventing / alleviating disparities.


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