Week 3

Reflection, Comprehension, Discussion, Readings

1 Poverty    2 Hunger    3 Good health and well-being


Comprehension Questions

Discussion Question

  • Discuss the various ways SDG #1 – No Poverty, #2 – Zero Hunger, and #3 – Good health and well-being, all work together to support the eradication of poverty and hunger to help all societies achieve a higher quality of life.

Recommended Readings

You will notice the two readings below are also found in this week lecture reference list. We have provided them here as recommended readings to help obtain a better understanding of how each country (in this case Canada) is obligated through the 2030 Agenda to develop a country specific approach to implementing the SDGs. Canada’s approach is outlined in recommended reading 1 below. Canada’s (as with all other UN member countries) approach is informed by the global indicators and targets outlined in recommended reading 2 below.


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