work binder

an image of a binder which hold papers, podcasts, videos and more.Planning on going all the way and finishing the whole program? Nice move! The “Liberated Learner Work Binder” should help you stay organized.

Below you can download a set of folders which include space for you to save all the work you will be asked to complete in this program. You will create documents, images, audio files,  videos and more! They can all be saved into your work binder for you to keep as a record of your progress. The folders include checklist reminders of the activities for each module (with a link back to the instructions, just in case you need them.)

Download the (zipped) folder here.

Is this work binder necessary to participate in the Liberated Learner? NOPE!

Will it help keep you organized as you work your way through it? MAYBE!

Shall we move on? OKAY!




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