the wicked problems

What’s Your Problem?

We invited learners to share the “wicked problems” that they face in their learning careers. Wicked problems are those tricky ones that maybe don’t have a clear cause or an easy solution. They can come from anywhere. We took the stories that all these learners told us and used them to create the “Liberated Learner” program to help you become a confident and independent online learner. You will find these stories sprinkled throughout the pages of this text.

We also share all the stories to the Liberated Learner: Wicked Problems site (link opens in new browser window). And, as part of the work you may choose to do in this program, we will be asking you, too, to add your stories to the pool. See our trailer video below for a taste of the stories.

All of the Wicked Problems can also be found here:


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