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The navigator module will support you in navigating the continuum of your academic journey from registration to post-graduation.

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Hey! Watch The Tone!

This module was created by a team of people, each with their very own personality! The tone of the writing shifts as we move from writer to writer. Enjoy!

By the end of the Navigator module you will be able to:

  1. Set goals to identify a direction and create balance in your life
    • Identify barriers causing you stress
    • Get to the root cause of your concerns
    • Develop relevant goals to address your concerns
    • Outline strategies to accomplish your goals
  2. Set realistic timelines in order to prioritize and manage your workload
    • Gather information from the program about your timelines and due dates
    • Create a budget for your personal time management
    • Develop strategies to complete your work and projects on time
    • Identify methods to further improve your personal time management
  3. Seek support for wellness, disabilities, and mental health concerns
    • Recognize the signs and symptoms of when you need help
    • Identify short-term strategies you can use now to address your immediate needs
    • Identify long-term strategies that you could use in the future to keep you afloat
  4. Identify strategies to increase access to technology, services, and financial needs
    • Identify technology and financial services available at your institution
    • Create a personal financial plan
    • Locate and advocate for functional workspaces that meet your needs
    • Communicate when you are faced with barriers in your studies
    • Access library resources and other academic supports for your program
  5. Inform yourself about the pathways and requirements of your program
    • Navigate your personal pathway from registration to graduation and beyond
    • Identify unique requirements as an international student
    • Locate information within your Learning Management System (LMS) and course materials
    • Identify who to contact and where to find information on a college/university website

Level Up Your Navigation Skills:

  • Level 1: Self – these activities can be done on your own to help you reflect on your own values, beliefs, challenges, barriers, successes, and goals.
  • Level 2: Partner – these activities encourage you to share your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and plans with a partner, peer, family member, Elder, coach, or anyone else you trust and care about.
  • Level 3: Share – these activities encourage you to share with other students, be they in your own peer group, program, department, college/university, or on the Liberated Learner website to share with learners everywhere.

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Navigator Module : Goals and expecations: Develop Smart Goals and strategies. Timelines and workload: create a time budget, develop personal time management strategies. Wellness and support: perform a well being assessment. develop startegeies to support wellness. Access and Finance: create a financial plan. locate resources and workshops. develop strategies. Information and pathways: learn to naviaget college websites. identify unique requirements.


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