technologist badgeThe Technologist module aims to help you select, navigate, and learn new technologies.

What will you get out of this?

  • A method for approaching and preparing to work with new technology. 
  • An introduction to podcasting and working with audio and the associated software. 
  • An understanding of video content creation tools and how to plan and edit a multimedia project. 
  • An introduction to graphic design principles and software. 

Hey! Watch The Tone!

This module was created by a team of student co-designers and instructional designers, each with their very own personality! As such, the tone of the writing shifts from section to section as we move from writer to writer. Enjoy!

Learning new technologies is part of the post-secondary experience. Whether you are entering your first year of university straight from high school, are an upper-year student, or are getting back into education after years away, you’ll be learning new skills and working with new technologies.

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:


  • Apply a function-based process to learn a new computer program.

Graphic Design

  • Describe the foundational principles of graphic design.
  • List some of the commonly used functions in graphic design software.
  • Create an original visual image that demonstrates the principles of design.


  • Describe the stages of pre-production, production, and post-production as they relate to video creation.
  • Define some of the commonly used functions in video editing.
  • Create an original video that incorporates different framing, lighting, and editing techniques.


  • Describe the stages of pre-production, production, and post-production as they relate to audio creation.
  • Define some of the commonly used functions in audio editing.
  • Create an original audio piece that involves multiple tracks, sounds effects, and audio editing techniques.

There are connections to other Liberated Learner Modules:

First, many of the skills explored in other modules (time management, research, stress management) will serve you well as you try to learn various technologies. The techniques you use to deal with stress or manage your time will help you whether you are trying to study for a final or edit a video.

Second, many of the activities in other modules can replace the activities we suggest in this module. For example, instead of creating a poster hyping your favourite band (as we suggest in the graphic design module), you might instead create a poster that depicts the type of learner you are, or collects a set of resources that you want to use at your school.


Technologist Module: Many interconnected entry points to the module: academic assignments, personal development, professional development. Topics: Audio, video, and design. you will translate knowledge, learn new tech, make artefacts, and reflect on your work.


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