more problems please

Activities iconActivity Title: More Problems, Please

Purpose of Activity:

To reflect on your experience participating in the Liberated Learner program, and to add more stories to the pool of Wicked Problems.

Difficulty Level:

  • Level One: 30 minutes: Write a one-draft reflection on a “wicked problem” you have faced in pursuing your post-secondary education.
  • Level Two: 1 hour – Either revisit your draft after letting it sit for a day or two and revise/expand it into a more fleshed out response.
  • Level Three: 2 hours – Create a multi-media version of your story in video, podcast, or infographic form.


In this activity you will be reflecting on your own experience as a learner and, optionally, share the completed story to the Liberated Learner: Wicked Problems site.

How to Complete This Activity:

  1. Review a few of the original Wicked Problems.
  2. Reflect on your experience and decide on a story you’d like to share.
  3. Name your wicked problem. (Think of a catchy title for your problem that is both engaging and explanatory. Ex. “President of Procrasti-Nation”). You may want to do this step last instead of first.
  4. Explain your wicked problem. (Tell the story of your struggles. What was one major barrier that you faced in pursuit of academic success throughout your undergrad? Provide details)
  5. Did you overcome your wicked problem? If so, how? What advice could you provide someone experiencing a similar problem? If not, explain the result, and reflect on what you could have done differently to produce a better outcome. (We understand and acknowledge that the problem outlined may not have been solved as a result of barriers that are beyond your control)
  6. Provide any final words of wisdom regarding your wicked problem. (Cap this off with a memorable ‘clincher’ statement)
  7. Leave the story alone while you decide whether or not to take this to “Level 2” (see above)
  8. Revise/expand if you have decided to do so.
  9. Move on to “Level 3” if you have decided to do so (again, see above.)
  10. Finally, decide whether or not to share to the pool of wicked problems.

What else do I do with this?

If you are playing along using the Liberated Learner Work Binder, upload your story to the Culmination folder.

If this is the only Liberated Learner activity you plan to do, then save the file wherever you’d like.


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