Learner Module

checklistThe Learner Module Checklist

These are all the things to check out and do in order to complete the entire Learner Module.

  • Tuned into the Liberated Learner Beats to Study To
  • Read the Wicked Problem: Fake it ‘Til You Make it
  • Reviewed the topics:
    • Motivation and Engagement
    • Mental Wellbeing
    • Academic Balance
    • Academic Struggles
  • Played the Choose Your Own Motivation game
  • Played the Staying Motivated During an Online Semester game

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Learner Module Activities

The four activities listed below are the ones that count towards becoming a Liberated Learner:

  • Completed the Motivation and Engagement surveys
  • Completed the Remove The Stressors activity
  • Created the Time and Energy Management infographic
  • Completed the Finding Your Path activity


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