Collaborator Module IconThe Collaborator Module is all about supporting and being supported. By dabbling in the content and activities you will be taking social, cultural, strategic, and organizational approaches to engaging in efficient and enjoyable cooperation amongst your peer-groups, as well as with the staff and faculty members at your institution.

Hey! Watch The Tone!

This module was created by a team of student co-designers and instructional designers, each with their very own personality! As such, the tone of the writing shifts from section to section. Enjoy!

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By the end of this module, you will be able to:

Getting Ready to Collaborate

  • Discover what a study group is and how it can be an invaluable resource throughout your academic career
  • Find and create a study group that is right for you
  • Create constructive rules and expectations for your group and group members
  • Troubleshoot and solve potential group issues and conflicts

Self Advocacy

  • Practice and apply methods to raise confidence and voice your opinions
  • Recognize imposter syndrome and practical, effective ways to boost self-esteem
  • Plan and prepare for uncomfortable situations


  • Give meaningful and constructive feedback to peers
  • Choose to embrace and consider other perspectives
  • Discover strategies for developing collegial and empathetic relationships


  • Taking the slow and steady approach to networking
  • Finding (and being) a mentor

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COLLABORATOR MODULE Self-Advocacy Networking Allyship Making meaningful connections • • Finding mentors and being a mentor • Solidifying collaborative relationships Giving constructive feedback • • Considering others’ perspectives • Developing empathic and professional relationships Technology • Finding your voicing and voicing it Increasing confidence • • Sharing your work Managing group work • • Taking a leadership role in group settings • Navigating academic and social group settings • Finding support for different needs


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