Unit 5: Activity


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Let’s put it all together.

In this module, you have learned how HyFlex came to be, the importance of writing effective learning outcomes and objectives, creating assessments, and developing course learning plans.

Now is your chance to apply what you have learned.

In each module of this resource, there will be consolidating activities in Unit 5 that build upon one another. The activities you complete below will be the “building blocks” to the Unit 5 activities in Modules 2, 3, and 4.

Our aim is that by the end of this resource, you will have foundational tools to teach in HyFlex successfully.

Computer with lightbulbs Activity

Part 1

Use the Assessment Plan template to plot assessments for one of your courses. If needed, please review Unit 2 of this module.

As you fill out the plan, consider the following questions:

  • Are all of the outcomes assessed at least once in the course?
    • If not, determine how you will ensure all outcomes are assessed.
  • Are all objectives assessed at least once in the course?
    • If not, determine how you will ensure all objectives are covered at least once.
  • Do you have a solid purpose statement to share with students for each assessment?
    • If not, determine why you are asking students to do the assessment this way and what the benefits are to your students (why + benefits).
  • Have you provided students with opportunities to practice the skills they need to be successful on the assessment? Do these activities provide students with feedback?
    • If not, consider what types of activities students could do to practice their skills before the graded assessment.
  • Does the weight of each assessment align with the amount of work the student is required to do in order to complete the assessment to a high degree of quality?
    • A worksheet takes significantly less time to complete than a research essay, so the weight of each assessment should reflect the amount of work students will need to put into the task. You may need to rejig some of the assessment weights.
  • Can the assessment be equitably accessed by students in any mode?
    • If not, how can the assessment be modified for students in different modalities without losing rigour or quality?

Part 2

Use the HyFlex Course Planning template [.docx] to plot a general course plan for a HyFlex course. Or, use any of the visual templates provided in Unit 3.

Take into consideration the needs of students in each delivery mode. Consider how you would set expectations so that students fully understand what is required in each delivery mode, how they are to participate in the course, and how to navigate the LMS course shell effectively.

It’s okay if you struggle with some sections and need to leave them blank for now. The rest of this resource will add clarity so that you may return to this plan later on.


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