Unit 5: Activity

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Let’s put it all together.

In Module 2, Unit 5, you created a lesson plan for a HyFlex course. You filled in parts of a lesson plan template while selecting active learning strategies to engage learners.

In this module, you learned about engaging students by considering the different modalities, evaluating and using tech tools, and managing the HyFlex environment by including relevant content, engaging activities, and impactful assessments.

Now is your chance to apply what you have learned.

Computer with lightbulbs Activity

  1. Open the lesson plan you created in Module 2.
  2. For each active learning strategy you listed, select a tech tool that would best facilitate the activity by considering all three learning modalities (in-person, online synchronous, and asynchronous).
  3. Next, turn to the content section in your lesson plan. Where possible, curate open-sourced, inclusive, and diverse content that will enrich your lesson and provide students with a global perspective.
  4. Lastly, turn to the assessment section of your lesson plan (if applicable). Create a reusable, high-quality assessment that will engage students and offer peer/self-review opportunities.



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