HyFlex Course Design and Teaching Strategies is intended as an introductory resource for faculty engaging in HyFlex teaching and learning.

It includes four modules to help faculty with HyFlex course development and assessment design, lesson planning, content curation/creation, engaging students in multiple modalities, and evaluating the effectiveness of HyFlex courses.

Module Overview

This resource is divided into 4 modules, each containing 5 units.

Module 1: HyFlex Course Planning provides participants with an introduction to the history and practice of HyFlex course design. Participants will have opportunities to develop or revise existing course outlines to accommodate HyFlex designs. Course learning outcomes and objectives will be explored that embed HyFlex learning concepts and language. Assessment strategies that maximize formative and summative demonstration of outcomes will be discussed and tested with peers. Lastly, HyFlex course plans will be explored and created.

Module 2: Lesson Plans and Content Design for HyFlex Courses provides participants with practice creating weekly lesson plans that maximize engagement and participation among HyFlex students. Course activities (active learning practices) will be explored that take advantage of the affordances of in-person and digital learning environments.

Module 3: Engaging Multi-Modal Students in HyFlex Learning Environments provides participants with strategies for simultaneously engaging and supporting in-person, live synchronous, and online asynchronous students in learning and coursework. Relying on research, the unique needs of each group of learners will be explored and accommodated.

Module 4: Evaluating the Effectiveness of HyFlex Teaching and Learning provides participants with methods and instruments for evaluating the effectiveness of HyFlex course design and delivery strategies at their institutions.

Video Series

In Unit 4 of each module, HyFlex professionals share their experiences and insights about specific topics via video interviews.

For now, get to know these professionals and their overall advice for designing and teaching HyFlex by watching the two videos below.

Introduction: My Experience with HyFlex [9:16] Video Transcript [.docx]

What is one piece of advice you’d give a faculty member about to teach their first HyFlex course? [8:21] Video Transcript [.docx]



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