Module 2 – Hyflex Lesson Planning and Content Design

This module will provide learners with practice creating weekly lesson plans that maximize engagement and participation among HyFlex students.

Student-centred course activities (active learning strategies) will be explored that take advantage of the affordances of in-person and digital learning environments.

Icon with lightbulb and jacket Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Select a Lesson Plan Template to support content design for HyFlex Courses
  • Recognize how Universal Design for Learning principles and the HyFlex Values and principles proposed by Dr. Brian Beatty support access for all learners in a HyFlex learning environment
  • Select learning activities to align with course learning outcomes and objectives
  • Create an active learning lesson plan suited for HyFlex delivery
  • Develop a plan for ongoing development to support active learning strategies for HyFlex delivery



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