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Give these tech tools a try

The following list of suggested tech tools can help facilitate the HyFlex environment to accommodate in-person, online virtual, and asynchronous delivery modes. They can be used for the delivery of content, course design, assessments, group work, and so much more.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this list was curated in 2022. As technology changes, this list may not reflect the most updated information. Also, the free versions of these tools may restrict certain features.


Description: Canva is a web-based resource for designing worksheets, videos, posters, slideshows, thumbnails, infographics, and many other design elements. This highly versatile tech tool can help you create visual content or course design elements for learners.

Sample Canva Infographics


Description: Nearpod is an online lesson planning tool with interactive slideshows. Active learning activities such as quizzes, open-ended questions, matching, polling, etc. can be embedded within the lessons. Lessons can be delivered synchronously and asynchronously.

Sample Nearpod Lesson

Pear Deck

Description: Pear Deck allows you to create interactive slideshows with active learning elements such as bell ringers, multiple-choice quizzes, audio and so much more. Pear Deck also offers easy integration with other tech tools such as Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Sample Pear Deck Lessons


Description: Wakelet is a digital curation platform for sharing links and organizing digital content. These can be used like a Pinterest board. You can pair things by topic or interest, and the boards aren’t static; they can have videos and interactive letters. This program has a free version and can be used for things like newsletters, class reviews, project brainstorms, and so much more.

Sample Wakelets


Description: Padlet is an easy “point and click” website for creating bulletin boards, blog posts, timelines, portfolios, etc. You can create a blank Padlet and have students add content such as text, videos, audio, images, GIFs, and websites. You may use Padlet for student introductions, brainstorms about a topic at the beginning of a class, student-made portfolios for assessments, and so much more. The free version allows for a max of 3 Padlets, but there are institutional licenses available.

Sample Padlets


Description: EdPuzzle is a video editing, testing, and monitoring tool for teachers to use. You can create your own content and tests by incorporating videos from other sites like YouTube. You can edit the videos to lengths, do voiceovers, and see exactly how much of the video students watched. You can have students take tests, grade them, and follow up on any additional support. You can also use already created lesson plans.

Sample EdPuzzle


Description: Kahoot is an interactive and fun quiz/game-based learning platform. You can create fun quizzes for review or preview lesson content. Students join in real-time, either in class or synchronously online, to play against each other for the top score. Kahoot’s can also be played asynchronously. The free version limits the number of participants at a time, but paid subscriptions are available.

Sample Kahoots


Description: Flipgrid is a  video platform that allows students to post and respond to videos, add annotations, create portfolios, and interact with each other and the teacher. Students are able to be creative in how they present information and can use any camera or even previously recorded video in their responses.

Flipgrid Ideas


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