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Sterling beer is one of the best beer known to all American and Canadian citizens. This beer has officially been here for years and years. Sterling is known to be a classic beer, that home-steders would prefer to drink this beer over any another.


Sterling beer was started brewing at 1863 and was started by Henry Schiender. There were several small breweries in Louisville near the river with the traffic near the civil war. Then John Hartmetz took over the business in the circumstances that it was failing financially. John and his sons then decided to run it successfully, all of John’s children then became master brewer’s. Soon in the 1890s there was a price war among breweries through the U.S, they were in fight with F.W. Cook brewery which was  syndicate in Evansville. Later Hartmetz and son brewery joined another brewery which was Fulton Avenue Brewery and became the new Evansville Brewing Association in March 1894. There headquarters was based on Fulton Avenue Brewery due to the fact it was the most state of the art brewery, Prohibition hit Indiana and the association decided on creating two new companies, which was the Sterling Products Company and the Sterling Refining Company. Then they started making cider, soft drinks, near beer and malt extract. When the prohibition took its last tool, they later decided to rename it to Sterling Brewing and prepared to brew beer again. The Sterling Brewery then opened up an another brewery to increase population, when one of John’s child older brother Charles passed away then left it to his younger brother Otto Hartmetz in which he sold in the Midwest throughout the south. In 1972 it was sold again to the associated Brewing.G. Heileman Brewing and started to produce beer for a low price and started a new franchise of merchandising.

Key Milestones

  • Henry Schneider started at this brewery in 1863 during the Civil law.
  • The First Name of this establishment was John Hartmetz and Sons near Evansville
  • John Hartmetz and Sons and Fulton Avenue Brewery joined together to create Evansville Brewing Association
  • When Edison introduced his incandescent light bulbs, the Evansville Brewing Association had light bulbs installed in their facility. (October 1880)
  • Evansville Brewing association voted to create two new companies which are Sterling Products Company and Sterling Refining Company.


This company has gone through major milestones that most companies didn’t face. Sterling beer is one of the most classic beer due to its unique recipe that most would agree on choosing over any other.

Knowledge Check

What year did this company start?

  • 1863
  • 1990
  • 1844
  • 1850

What year did the two companies started an association?

  • March 1984
  • March 1950
  • March 1894
  • March 1890

Brewing Science And Industrialization 

Our brewing science includes them doing something to the beverage that most breweries don’t do, we use choice grown hops,  with select 2- row barely, filtered pure water, these select malts and hops go through the natural aging process which then it makes the finest beer. (Perfect Science = Perfect Beer)

Sterling beer had the smallest production line almost equivalent to an home brewer. As more and more people liked drinking our beer we expanded into greater ratio that unimaginable, soon after the world started to move along the we moved with it. One of the greatest industrialization move we made was switching to glassware, which it made it possible for people carry their beverage anywhere the preferred.

Beer Style 

Sterling Premium Pils is an European-style pilsner which was influenced by Americans. This brings back an experience of the immigrants from arriving in their new homeland and recreating the traditional flavor. We use regionally sourced and more readily available ingredients which then creates a new and unique “American Classic” .

The WWI And WWII  Era

Sterling beer has always survived through-out the years, in great loss and and in great win.  When prohibition came to Indiana and state-wide even before the 18th amendment came into effect in 1920.  They established the Wright act as early of 1918 made it dry in Indiana of  1918, Sterling expected the outcome and  created two new companies.

After prohibition was at it’s ends in 1930, we decided to change our company to Sterling Brewing and started to brew beer. In 1937 Sterling added a second facility in Free-port. When Charles Hartmetz died leaving the breweries to Otto Hartmetz and later sold in the mid-west.

Consolidation and Globalization 

The very first owner of this brewery was Henry Schneider but went through numerous ownership chnages over the 14 years span.  John Hartmetz owning a small brewery called Oertel Brewery then bought the struggling brewery. Then three breweries in Evansville competition with F.W. Cook Brewery and those three breweries joined together to become Evansville’s Brewing Association in March 1894. Later Evansville Brewing Association decided to create two new breweries, which came to be the Sterling Products Company and The Sterling Refining Company. In competition with F.W. Cook Brewery, Sterling Brewery opened a second facility in Freeport, Indiana. However the Brewery was then sold to Associated Brewing .G Heileman Brewing.

Marketing And Branding 

Its only when G. Heileman bought the brewery, he used the facilities to make brands that they acquired from other breweries which includes Cooks Champagne Velvet, Drewry’s, Drummond Brothers, 9-0-5, Falls City, Lederbrau, Pfeiffer, Rheingold, Tropical Ale, Weideman, Katz, Bavarian, and Prager Bohemian.



I used this commercial to show that Sterling Brewery was in success with anything that happens to the world, they have showed me throughout in the history that they will always stand strong.



I choose this because it shows them expanding their business in all sorts of way to get their branding out there. This video also shows the aspects of what you can expect of a Sterling beer.

Knowledge Check

Who bought the brewery at the end and started to brand this brewery?

  • F.W. Cook Brewery
  • G. Heileman
  • John Hartmetz
  • Oliver Cross

What year did they open the Freeport, Indiana facility?

  • 1937
  • 1927
  • 1956
  • 1800

Modern Era

Our company has striven for decades but hasn’t follow the idea of choosing trends that other company follows.  We choose to expand our company production to exceed our customer’s expectation and also hosted competitions, contest and prize giveaway of all sorts . We have always supported the idea of safe drinking and reducing the harmful use of effects of alcohol.




I choose this specific video to promote the idea of safe and responsible drinking, but the company has always never followed  the ideal traditional trends of other companies.


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