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Einbecker is a line of beers produced by Einbecker Brauhaus AG, the brewing company. This beer is also a bock style of beer, meaning it is strong dark beer. Originating from the city Einbeck in Germany around the 14th century. This beer is available in most countries all around the world and is also one of oldest and still operating breweries in the world. This beer is also very famous around the world, not only famous in its originating country of Germany. Many people that have drank this beer, have left very high comments about the taste of it. It being the beer tasting very sweet and having a cherry like scent to it. The color of the beer is also on the darker side compared to other common beers. The alcohol content in the most popular Einbecker beer is 6.5% but they also make non-alcoholic beers as well. The bottle is also very unsimilar to the regular beer bottles you would see, it is a shorter bottle but is a bit fatter than the regular sized beer bottles on the lower half. The design of the bottle has not changed since when they first originated the beer.

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The origin of Beer has been around since around 4000 BCE, but Einbecker was originated in the 14th century, specifically in 1378 in the German city of Einbeck. The beer trade in the city of Einbeck was already very significant during the 14th century. During this time there were already 700 master brewers and the whole town was basically involved in this since they all had the right to brew beer. The city council later bought the production of the beer and handled all the needs for the company and even started marketing the beer to the rest of Germany and abroad places like Amsterdam. The oldest receipt available for the sale of Einbecker beer dates to April 28, 1378, two cities down in town of Celle. After a few years of production in Einbeck, in late 14th century and the 15th century, the beer starts heading out of the city to places like Hamburg, Lubeck, Munich, Danzig, Konigsberg, Denmark, and even Amsterdam. A German priest by the name of Martin Luther on April 17, 1521, has even said that Einbecker beer was the best drink known to man. Throughout the years, the Brand Einbecker was only getting more famous and common around the world. Brewing rights in the city of Einbeck were owned by the city and brewing operations were integrated in 1794 in a city brewery that was publicly owned, and from then on, the only brewery in the city. The beer was first sold in bottles in 1884 and has stuck in the same design and bottle ever since then. In 1967 the breweries name changed from Einbecker Brauhaus AG to Einbecker Brauhaus corporation.

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Key milestones

-Martin Luther the famous German priest, after drinking it had said that it was the best beverage he has ever drank in his life. This is a major keystone because at this time, Martin Luther was very famous and had a lot of people who supporting him, and this was the beginning times of the Einbecker beer brand. So, this comment basically gave them a boost and got them many more customers

and fans of the brand.

-Once Einbecker started getting even bigger they started acquiring other breweries and beers as well. It started in 1988 when they first acquired Gottinger Brauhaus AG, then in 1997 they also acquired MARTINI Brauereibeteiligungs GmbH in Kassel.

-Another huge milestone is when the beer finally started going to cities and countries outside of Einbecker and Germany. Places like Denmark, Amsterdam, Munich, Hamburg, Danzig and much more. This is a milestone for the brand because this is basically when the brand started getting more recognized since they were being bought outside of the city and country.

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