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“Dortmund is DAB and DAB is Dortmund”

DAB beer is brewed in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany in the city of Dortmund. It is a light blond lager with subtle malt and hops flavours. The DAB brewery began in 1868 and follows the same recipes since its inception.


DAB beer started in 1868 in the city of Dortmund in Germany. At this time there was a massive boom in the steel and coal industries. This enabled Laurence Fisher and the Mauritz brothers, Heinrich and Friedrich, to make the first steam powered brewery under the direction of brewmaster Heinrich Herberz. Within the first ten years DAB was already being exported to seven countries. The recipe for their flagship lager hasn’t changed and today DAB is exported to 35 countries around the world. DAB took advantage of the newly developed brewing process of bottom-fermenting, using yeasts that brew at lower temperatures, to yield a crisp and smooth blonde lager that took the world by storm. The beer was so popular that the term Dortmunder style beer originates from DAB beer.

Key milestones

  • 1868 – Steel & Coal boom in Germany. Fischer, Herberz and the Mauritz brothers develop a steam brewery and DAB is born
  • 1872 – Brewery is expanded and company is Incorporated
  • 1879 – DAB begins to export overseas
  • 1881 – Facility is equipped with refrigeration courtesy of Prof. Carl Linde, a pioneer in the field of refrigeration
  • 1900 – DAB wins gold at the World’s Fair in Paris
  • 1949 – After recovering from the World Wars a new DAB brewery is completed
  • 1963 – DAB begins using aluminum casks instead of wood
  • 1966 – DAB switches to European standard bottles, these become the standard returnable bottle throughout Germany
  • 1968 – DAB celebrates 100 years


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