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Busch is a brand of beer that first kicked off in St. Louis, Missouri their beer brand is known for pale lager which is a refreshing 4.7% ABV (thebeerstore.ca, 2018). Not only are they known for their beer, but they are also known for kick starting Budweiser and them self’s to becoming the first company to nationally sell bottled beer worldwide in 1879 (Wikipedia, 2008). Busch shares with Budweiser the same ingredient except Busch uses rice with and the other traditional ingredients such as water, barley malt, rice, yeast, and hops (National-post, 2014). Busch’s logo was made to so strength in those who drank it when Eberhard Busch made the logo, he thought that the eagle in the middle of the logo stands for power and courage to show those who drank the beer that they were different (1000logos, 2021).




Busch’s first brewery was founded in 1852 by a man named Eberhard Anheuser Adolphus Busch in south St. Louis, Missouri between Dorcas, and lynch street. Then when Busch saw his company growing only 4 years later, he started to expand. From that his stock of his very own beer went from 32,000 barrels sold a year to over 200,000 in a year (Wikipedia, 2021). Now in today’s time the United States is home to 13 breweries across the states. Not only did Busch sell beer they also were big on amusement park they owned 10 parks in the United States the most famous one they own is SeaWorld in Florida (NBC news, 2009).

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  1. Busch first started in 1852 and has hit major anniversary’s including the one that is happening this year in 2022 which is their 170th anniversary which puts them even closer to being established for 2 centuries.
    Busch’s first brewery (https://nypost.com/2019/10/03/a-juicy-tv-drama-about-the-anheuser-busch-family-is-brewing/)


    2.  They were the first beer company in 1879 to nationally sell bottled beer worldwide and even helped their close friend Budweiser come alone with them. 

3.  A big new sponsorship with Busch was Nascar they picked a fan with a dream to be a Nascar driver (Kevin Harvick’s) andfor that he won them the 2021 Nascar championship winning 50,000$ and putting Busch as a big sponsorship of Nascar now.

One of there big sponsorships.

4.   Busch has another big sponsorship deal with the NFL which is an extremely popular sport which really puts them out of their deal with the NFL ends this year in 2022 after the super bowl and they already have a new deal started up to start next season. They pay the NFL 250 million a year for advertising and they get a lot of sales with their partnership with the NFL. 

Busch Beer Super Bowl Commercial 2017 


( NFL Super bowl commercial 2017)




Industrialization means the development of a company on a large scale, For Busch their biggest growth was in the 1940s Pre-prohibition they grow their annual production of beer by 25% in only 2 years. The reason behind their great success was because they gained a lot of money in the years before and because they where shipping beer all across America and gained 8 breweries in those 2 years, which gave them a big lead on all of the other beer company’s which put them at the top for beer production for 20 years until the prohibition hit. The prohibition hit hard for every beer company and made it illegal to sell beer for 13 years which made them go bankrupt in that period of time so they sold some of there stocks to company’s and later on bought them back for 25 million dollars which was a lot of money back then. Busch made it through the prohibition pretty well until the 1980s when they lost a lot of biasness and had to sell shares to InBev in 2008 for 52 billion dollars.


Beer Style



Busch choose Lager as their favored beer in 1955 because it was the most popular beer at the time and enjoyed by everyone, Lager is a German style of beer with 4 main types one being normal lager, Dark Lager , Pale Lager , Vienna Lager. It was made by Gabriel Sedlmayr in Germany around 1835 in his at home brewery, Too be specific Gabriel lived in Munich Germany when he created Lager in the 1835. The word Lager is even a German word that means for something to be stored in refrigeration. This type of a beer is fermented slowly and at a low temperature which means it is refrigerated for a few weeks or even a few months at a cool temperature as it matures.


WW1 & WW2 And How It Effected Busch


In WW1 Busch changed their beer logo from the golden eagle that represented a German background to just their name on all of their products so they had Busch on the bottles only, This happen because of the first world war which happened in 1917. The reason why they changed it was because of the holocaust and how everyone hated the Germans for what they did, they where not the only franchise to change things almost every American company that had a German saying or symbol changed it to something English before the war even ended.


In world war 2 Busch was just fixing up problems that it had with the prohibition so the second world war hit them hard, financially Busch was hit hard and they went bankrupt for a while and had to sell a big portion of their assets to there business partner Budweiser to stay on their feet. The second world war started in 1939 and went on for 6 years so it had a big impacted on them and it was hard to recover after the war was over as well.




Busch is one of the world biggest brands of beer and has a lot of other beer companies under its belt, in 2012 Busch choose to expand its ownership from just American beers such Budweiser to go and look at Mexican beers such as Modelo and Corona. Busch spent a lot of money to obtain ownership for the Mexican beers, they spent 40 billion for rights of Modelo and a year later they got the ownership rights for Corona for 50 billion. Busch’s main reason they choose to buy out Mexican beers then American beers was because Mexico’s alcohol consumption yearly is so high, it is 7.9 liters per person yearly that are of age to drink. In today’s time Busch now owns 40 Different type of Beer brands and is still striving today.    


Those are the top 3 beer brands that Busch owns.



Busch updated its visual identity, and iconic “A&Eagle” logo allows the beverage marketer to highlight the new global purpose it first unveiled in December of 1887. The new logo is the next step in the company’s renewed focus on consumer-centricity and a commitment to innovation. According to Busch, the forward-looking logo was designed to combine the company’s storied heritage and its plans.  



Few brands are more connected to in-person events like the Super Bowl and music festivals than Busch. So, a global shutdown of these events required a complete rewriting of the marketing plans of brands like Budweiser and Bud Light. Why they changed their approach to the Super Bowl in 2021, and how a mindset around consumer-centricity continues to be so important to business. So, in 2021 Busch looked at its marketing styles and saw that it had to adapt towards the pandemic and make sure that they are still able to connect with people in such tough times. 

Modern era


Busch is now However going into, the bigger development that has been captivating the attention of investors for months, was the Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2021. After-market-close announcement that Busch (BUD 0.96%) would be forming a joint venture with Tilray in Canada. According to the press release, Tilray and Busch will each be putting up $50 million to research potential cannabis-infused beverages that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and/or cannabidiol (CBD) for the Canadian market and American too in states that Marijuana is legal. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for getting its host high, whereas CBD is the cannabinoid best known for its perceived medical benefits. Busch is trying to get this on board within the next couple of years, so it does not miss Canadas big bang in the market with making Marijuana legal back in 2018 because it is still going very well with making money in that market.









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