1 Affligem


Affligem Beer


Introduction the beer I selected is allfigem beer is a Germany Belgium original beer that was

founded by 6 knights that became monks. they did this in order to provide the people around

their abbey. the abbey they were apart of followed the belief’s of St Benedict a large part of their

earnings went to a verity of charities to support their comity


Origins this beer was founded during a rough time in 1074 because of the harsh times and the

poor quality of life and there being no joy in life 6 knights left there knight hood and joined an

abbey in Belgium Germany and founded affligem it is said they did this in order to help the

community they lived in have a better beverage then the poor water available

who founded this beer

1  5 monks

2 6 knights

3 5 random guys

answer 6 knights


key milestones the first key mild stone in the history of affligem is the 6 knights leaving their

order and becoming monks in the abbey of St Benedict, this occurred in 1074. the reasoning

they started this brewery was because of the poor quality of   water at the time later down

the line in world war two the abbey was destroyed but in order to keep the beer alive they

joined in with a local brewery called opwijk in order to keep the beer alive and it grew from

there. to this day it is still brewed with the history and the desires of the original

knights/monks in mind keeping there passion alive to this day

what happened in world war 2

answer the abbey was destroyed







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