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Created in 1987, Asahi is the worlds first dry beer. Under the guidance of Japanese master brewers, Asahi Super Dry is produced with precision to the highest quality standards. Sophisticated brewing procedures produce a dry, crisp flavour with a quick, clear finish.




Komakichi Torii, who had a lofty idea of bringing beer to Japan, founded the Osaka Beer Brewing Company in 1889. In 1900, the business introduced Asahi Draft Beer, Japan’s first bottled draught beer. The Asahi brand has been adored by the Japanese people since its inception because it represents a dream and optimism for the future. Super Dry was first offered to the Japanese audience in 1987. As a result of its launch, Asahi Group has surpassed Kirin Brewery Co. as the market leader. Since its release, more than 100 million cases have been sold each year. Although its roots trace to the late 1880s, and Asahi beer debuted in 1892, the first official Asahi Breweries, Ltd. factory was established in Kashiwa, Japan in 1966. That’s when mass production of Asahi Beer began.

Asahi Super Dry Beer is a rice lager from Japan. These beers are prepared with rice and malted barley, just like American lagers. As a result, the beer has a light colour and flavour profile. There is also more carbonation, which necessitates a drier finish.

1. What does karakuchi means?






2. Asahi is a draft beer




3.vAsahi was founded by soldiers from WW1



Major milestones

1987 March: Asahi Super Dry, the first Japanese dry draught beer, is released. The beer industry was revolutionised as a result of the product’s success.

1989 January: company name changed to Asahi brewery company to Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

1989 October: Completion of new headquarters building in Asumabashi, Tokyo.

1994 January: Capital participation in three companies (Hangzhou Xihu Beer Asahi Co., Ltd., Fujian Quanzhou Qingyuan Beer Asahi Co., Ltd., and Jiaxing Haiyan Beer Xihu Asahi Co., Ltd.); signed technology licenses and license agreements with each company, starting full-scale entry into China

1996 May: Conclusion of a comprehensive alliance agreement with Bass Brewery in the United Kingdom

1997 October: Establishment of Asahi Breweries Research and Development Centre as a base for research and development for the entire Asahi Breweries Group.

1998 May: Establishment of Asahi breweries in Europe.

2004 November: Establishment of Lotte Asahi Liquor Ltd. through investment in the liquor sales company of the Lotte Group in South Korea.

2008 March: New release of clear Asahi.

2012 February: Launch of “Asahi Dry Zero” and “Asahi Super Dry Dry Black”

2015 January: Asahi Breweries, Ltd. selected as “Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner”


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