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1.PAST WAR COOPORATION– From 1945 to the early 1980’s there was decreasing number of brewers and an increasing size of those who remained large brewers expanded initially on their national markets, then on selected foreign markets and recently globally.

Alaskan beer was founded in the year 1986 so the couple tried their hands at the perfect time keeping in mind the impact of prohibition as there was brewery and the immigrants from USA were moving and industrialization gave wings to the company to show their potential.

From the starting, the couple wanted to do business but the bank did not give the loan. So, with the help of friends they secured 88 investors and started the company. But, the co-founders of Alaskan brewing company are always Marcy and Larson. They independently own the company. The company is at the same place where it produced the first batch of beer. However, the area has been increased many times, they’ve stayed true to who they are. They know who their customers are and because of which they follow everything to earn customer loyalty.

According to Shawn Repuke, sales manager, Alaskan brewing co. and college city beverage have been doing business together from May of year 2011. He personally works in 38 markets; Alaskan is the company’s always willing to partner with college city beverage to help other.

In order to provide beer in Jay Hawkers, Alaskan brewing did partnership with Kansas Craft Alliance (KCA), which includes Stratham sales, Flint hills beverage, Crawford sales company and western beverage and many more to distribute brews across the sunflower state.

The company Is own independently by Geoff and Marcy but they took help of some companies to distribute the beer in some regions.

  1. Marketing and Branding- It’s very important for any organization to follow the best marketing strategies to gain the popularity. Alaskan beer also focused on such strategies as the founders want to provide the best image of their company. For it, they took the help of Blind tige Alaskan brewing made some changes customers always wanted to have something new even in their favorite brands and also the market is so wide that other companies can attract then, if their favorite fails to meet their expectations.

Alaskan brewing did a main change in their cans by using a fresh look. It can grab the attention of the buyers. Apart from it, they also wished to reinvigorate their artworks. So, the Blind tige worked on the labels and provided the energetic illustration which shows the spirit of Alaskan land scape.

Alaskan Brewing’s leaders know the importance of brand elements so “Tenet” which is their current advisor helped the company to accomplish its vision of becoming a market leader in the craft brewing industry.

It’s important to be thoughtful in order to rebuild an established company or brand. So, a stronger, more effective brand expression is solid anchored in the new strategy. They made some changes in the visuals and suggest to have bold typographic language and a distinct combination of product imagery and textual.

Also, from the very starting the couple used the name of the place where it was founded which is very good decision on them. The local ingredients of the area were used still this is highlight even when any new beer is launched by them.

The company also launch some beers either seasonal or any others to provide excitement to their buyers. To have good influence on their customers the company also has produced many gears which people can buy online and from the store. The items sold by the Alaskan beer is the Glower Tees, Mugs and many more.

  1. MODERN ERA- In this competitive world, everyday many experiments are done by the big organizations to improve the sales. Some trends are also followed by them to be in the race. Many such contemporary trends influence the Alaskan brewing company’s success. From time to time, the company also has made some changes in the way it does business. Some modern trends that the company had followed are as following.

(a). Sustainable Innovation- The company is situated at a place for where it is very important to find environmental and logistical innovations.” Alaskan is full of such challenge”. The owner of the company believes that they had to be more attentive towards environment. In order to produce the materials, it also provided employment for them.

The organization also built their own carbon dioxide reclamation plant in year 1988. It reduced the cost of company. Like the other companies, the organization didn’t release extra gas out with the help of recovery plant it was used to purge bottles and kegs. It also kept the beer in an oxygen free environment.

A steam boiler that was completely fueled by spent grain was used by the company. In 2011, it also eliminated the issue of waste products. This is also an environment friendly step taken by the company. The company’s aim is to have a zero- net negative effect upon the environment by reclaiming and reusing at lead as much waste and emissions as they produce.

(b). BEER TOURISM- This trend was also followed by the Alaskan brewing. They also have tasting room, Guided tasting and green depot. It provides a chance to buyers to be in contact directly to buyers with the producers. The guided tasting at brewery tour hall from where people get audience. It is closed at present because of Covid-19. Tasting room has indoor space ample tented outdoor space. It is open year-round and offend an off the beaten path destination for visitors and locals like to relax. Only guest above 21 can visit this room.

The company also has launched a brand new mixed 12 pack can which had Alaskan white Ale and Husky IPA to provide an opportunity to drinkers to get the excitement of Alaska. It also has Alaskan Amber and favorite of people Kolsch. All the four are in the pack of 6 packs and 12 packs. During pandemic people bought beer cans like this.

(c). Technology and innovation- The company also uses many social media apps to promote their products online and people can also buy products online. The company’s innovation can be seen in their muted award-winning poster which took a nod from the fact that beer in ages past just incidentally had smoke flavoring because smoke was every where when wood was the only fuel. This becomes best a beer at the great American beer festival.

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