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The origins of Banks Beer started in 1840, they started off making rum. Which was founded in Guyana, by four brothers the D Aguiar bother, they named the company D Aguiar BROS LTD. In 1934 the company was passed down to Peter D Aguiar which is when he decided to turn the company around and start expanding the company.


Question #1: When was the company passed down to Peter D Aguiar?





One milestone for Banks Beer company would be when it was passed down to Peter D Aguiar, had moved part of the company over to Barbados in order to expand in 1961. Peter had done this with the help of people that live in Barbados by taking investments and made the company publicly traded. This was good for expanding the business but had created more problems later in the partnership, because the brewery in Guyana the original company, and the Barbados brewery started to bash over the rights over the company that last about 40 years. They also have won a few gold medal for being consistently high quality beer for more the 7 years in a row.


Question #2: When did Peter decide to expand to Barbados?

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Brewing science: 

Banks beer uses some of the best ingredients such as malted Barley, Galena, Styrian Goldings aroma hops and craft brewed using coral stone filtered Barbadian Water. When the brewing process is over it is then bottled in dark colored bottle from the protection of the sun to prevent the beer from going bad quickly.




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Beer style:

Banks beer is a Pilsner Lager, Banks used American type of lager brewing to create their own kind of Barbados Lager. Using water from Barbados naturally filtered through limestone rocks, that’s paired with a special kind of yeast, that gives it the unique taste of Barbados lager.


Question #3: What kind of water is used in the brewing process of banks beer?



In this video it shows the Caribbean life style that you can enjoy while drinking Banks Beer.


Modern Era:

In the modern era Banks beer is keeping up with the times by rebranding and started exporting to Canada, United States, and United Kingdom. They have also expanded into sell Guinness and non-alcoholic beer these are some things Banks is doing to keep up with the modern era.

Brewing science:

Banks beer is brewed with top quality ingredients, such as pure coral stone filtered water, British and Canadian  malted barley, Galena and noble styrian Goulding’s aroma hops, which is then filtered through lime stone and Banks also uses a special kind of yeast that gives the beer a different taste from others. Banks beer had to also change there beer bottles because where most of there beer is served was in hotter climates and to avoid the beer getting spoiled quickly they had to and a tint to there beer bottles which slowed the beer from going bad quickly (2022 PMA Canada Ltd). They also had to start expanding into another country to keep up with the industrial revolutions, which lead to them building another brewery in Barbados, they also started expanding by selling there beers to hotels then eventually all over the world.

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WW1 and WW2:

In WW1 the production of beer around the world had been hit by a brick wall the slowed the production of beer, because most of the workers had to fight in the war and most of the brewery workers were males. WW1 had even affected some brewery’s in Europe causing them to close down forever(Beer through the ages 2022). But beer in WW2 hadn’t died out in fact in England they had actually just changed there operating hours of pubs during WW2, beer was still a popular drink during WW2 that even some of the solders wrote about it in their dairy’s(National WW2 museum Memorial 2022). During WW2 the state of beer and alcohol were actually in a good state because when Germany had attacked France in 1940, France had allocated 3500 trucks to send wine to the front line for the troops to drink, even the British fought while on the rum rations during WW2 the solders remember “running off rum”(Peter Andreas 2020).



Sailors drinking beer– http://ww2f.com/threads/the-ww2-beer-thread.57645/

What Was the Number of trucks used to transport wine for solders in France?


What is Banks beer filtered thought? 











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