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Essentials of Linguistics, 2nd Edition is the work of a large team of authors, and an even larger team of supporters whose contributions have made our work immeasurably better.

Our fellow TiLCoP members Daniel Currie Hall, Liisa Duncan, Martin Kohlberger, and Tim Mills offered pedagogical insight and wise counsel from their experience as teachers and researchers of linguistics. This work is enriched by our many conversations with them.

The conversations in Chapter 9: Reclaiming Indigenous Languages are thanks to the generosity and deep wisdom of language experts Chantale Cenerini, Rae Anne Claxton, Mary Ann Corbiere, and David Kanatawakhon-Maracle.

Thoughtful reviews and feedback from our colleagues Tahohtharátye Joe Brant, Jon Henner, Curt Anderson, Barend Beekhuizen, Nathan Brinklow, Kathleen Currie Hall, Masako Hirotani, Henry Ivry, Suzi Lima, Megan Lukaniec, Sara Mackenzie, Alan Munn, Will Oxford, Pedro Mateo Pedro, and Nicole Rosen allowed us to make substantial improvements to our initial drafts.

Aileen Lin created artwork. David Wiesblatt recorded the ASL video examples. Bartłomiej Czaplicki and Deepam Patel created audio. Bianca James and Tata Ruffle in McMaster’s Department of Linguistics and Languages administered the grant funds. Kate Brown, Accessibility Program Manager at McMaster, advised us on accessible design. We are grateful for their work.

Most of all, we extend our thanks to all our linguistics students, past and present, for inspiring us to strive for excellence and justice in teaching linguistics.



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Essentials of Linguistics, 2nd edition Copyright © 2022 by Catherine Anderson; Bronwyn Bjorkman; Derek Denis; Julianne Doner; Margaret Grant; Nathan Sanders; and Ai Taniguchi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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