1.6 Sales: A Great Career

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As you can see from the different positions and designations available in the previous section, sales is a fantastic field that offers ample opportunities for anyone who is hard-working, persistent and has the flair and motivation to achieve. It can offer a nice career growth path for success.

Despite the concerns with a sales career: the performance-based compensation system, continual rejection, and monotonous work  of the lead-chasing function, the positives are huge. It offers handsome financial rewards as well as recognition, promotions, good will, respect from peers and customers, and the overall satisfaction of being able to touch the customers’ lives positively. Sales is, no doubt, an envious field for many.

The following are some additional reasons why someone would choose sales as their career path:


Most of the sales positions do not require a degree or education. The field is accessible to anyone who is beginning their career or is wanting to change their profession. All it requires is passion and commitment to learn about the clients, and persistence to succeed.


Sales is imperative to any business as it brings in revenue and new customers. It is the most commonly accepted function which would most of the times initiate and bring in new business, thus contributing heavily towards growth of the company. Your income is effort based. The best things about Sales is its objectivity. It follows a golden rule “Work hard, earn hard”. Add to that the huge potential to income, it is absolutely simple and lucrative to fall for it. You have to make sure you are able to achieve your targets and goals. Just think about the bonuses, commissions, trips, prizes, and the respect you get along the way.

In-Demand Skills

Working in Sales offers you a great opportunity to sharpen your skills like communication, creativity, smart thinking, flexibility, time management, customer service etc. These skills definitely help you achieve a edge in any career which you may choose to pursue at any point of your life.

Remote Work Opportunities

Sales is flexible. It allows salespeople to work remotely and independently. More and more sales jobs and organizations are now allowing people to work remotely and salespeople are now easily cracking deals from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Travel Opportunities

If you are in Sales, you may need to travel and explore different places and markets. You may need to network with new businesses and customers. Salespeople build and strengthen relationships with the clients during the course of their work, and hence you get a chance to travel to new places, get to learn new cultures and things, meet new people and experience local entertainment.


Sales is always dynamic and challenging. It pushes people to think out-of-the-box all the time and work smart. It backs up the rewards with bonuses and creates an environment of healthy rivalry between the sales staff which pushes everyone to do their best and at the same time, enjoy it as well.


Sales is very much dependent on the client’s needs and wants, expectations, situations, and requirements. Hence the salespeople have to constantly adjust and customize their solutions to match the client’s requirement in the best possible way. That gives them a chance to mix-and-match different solutions for the clients and creates a wonderful variety of initiatives that they can suggest and use for the clients.


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