What Extending Looks Like

What kinds of things do participants in Ontario Extend they actually do?

To help answer that question, below you can explore example responses by previous participants to activities in the six Extend modules.

These were published on the individual blogs participants used for their extending work.  This interactive diagram[1] shows the Anatomy of 21st Century Educators model that is the basis for Ontario Extend. Each  +  symbol is a link to a sample activity response by a previous Extend participant.

This hotspot interface was created at H5P, a technology you may get to explore in one of the modules. If you are unable to access the links, they are listed below.

Teacher For Learning Module


Curator Module


Technologist Module

Collaborator Module

Scholar Module

Experimenter Module


  1. Examples of Responses to Ontario Extend Module Activities, H5P module https://h5p.org/node/394043


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