Take a Deep Dive

Giulia Forsythe

These next challenges take a bit longer to complete than the Daily Extend activities.  Complete at least one of them.

Scuba diver doing a deep dive
  • Take a look at these course trailers and make a 30 second commercial or trailer for your course.
  • Highlight  a topic or concept for _____________, math, literature, philosophy, etc., by creating a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) .
  • Explain a concept using an animated GIF slideshow
  • Explore some online survey tools (via Google search) and conduct a five-question survey of your peers about ways to use technology-enabled activities.
  • Create a video, to welcome students to your course, or your blog website, with one of the freely available tools  highlighted in the Online lecture toolkit .
  • Build or customize an openly licensed graphic or other resource for your discipline area, and share it via OER Commons.
  • Find a Wikipedia article in your discipline that has inaccurate or inadequate information, go to the discussion page and suggest a revision.
  • Is there a way you can use Google Lit Trips  or maybe the Google Street View of Museums  to create an activity for one of your courses?
  • Use H5P  (or a similar tool) to create an activity for your class to review for a test, or to assess prior knowledge about a topic.
  • Curate a mini-lesson on a topic of interest using open education resources and via Google + Collections or Scoopit .
  • Remix and critically appraise a YouTube video using a free educator account for Mediabreaker.
  • Create an Infographic to present data or explain a concept.
  • Look at the Open Faculty Patchbook and make a contribution.
  • Find an open textbook in your discipline area and write a review.
  • Explore these Silly Useful Web Tricks and use one of them to create an activity for a course or presentation.
  • Peruse  The Agora Project Challenge Bank  and complete one of the challenges.

Have a look at the activities and responses in Experimenter Activity Bank. Do you have an idea for a new one based, perhaps based on your experiments in this module? You can add a new activity directly to the bank.


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