Curator Introduction

Peg French

Welcome to the third Ontario Extend Module. Like previously ones, we open with a scenario to set the stage for what it might mean to be a Curator. We then provide an overview of what to expect in the module, followed by a series of topics about curating with a new set of activities to complete.

At the end of the module, you will find a checklist of things and a link to earn your next Ontario Extend badge.

Here is the scenario…

Curator Scenario

I know that some of my resources need refreshing, but I am not sure what resources are available to help and how I can use them once I find them.


You may not know it, but you likely are already a curator.

If you have ever made a playlist in iTunes, or organized a personal library in your house or on a device, or bookmarked your favourite sites on your computer, or subscribed to a feed reader, you are a curator!

This module takes you beyond curating for yourself and your personal interests. It explores ways to curate from your learners’ perspective to create engaging, interactive, and open course materials. It discusses Creative Commons and Copyright and explores strategies to search for, find, and evaluate Open Education Resources (OER).


Examine the process, value and the impact of collecting and combining existing resources when creating content.

  • Compare Copyright with key aspects of Creative Commons.
  • Develop or adopt a system for evaluating and sharing learning resources.
  • Explore curation tools that align to specific preferences and needs.


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