Experimenter Introduction

Giulia Forsythe

Experimenter Scenario

Welcome to the fifth Ontario Extend Module. We start with a scenario to get you thinking about why being an Experimenter is a vital component of being a technology-empowered educator. We then provide an overview of what to expect in the module, followed by topics about experimentation and activities for you to experience it in action.

Here is the scenario to open the Experimenter module:

I am looking for some new ideas, approaches or technologies to enhance what I am already doing in my course, so I can design some new learning experiences. I want to add some new ways of doing things to my teaching repertoire.


This module presents you with a series of challenges that invite you to experiment—to be curious and creative as you explore, and to reflect on new approaches to designing learning experiences.

Experimentation is key to extending our skills related to online and technology-enabled learning.


Experiment with new approaches, pedagogies, and technologies to support learning.


  • Try new technological and pedagogical approaches
  • Reflect on different ways to design learning experiences


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