Collaborator Introduction

Michel Singh

Collaborator Scenario

Welcome to the fourth Ontario Extend Module. Once again we start with a scenario get you thinking about why being a Collaborator is a key component of being a technology empowered educator. We then provide an overview of what to expect in the module, followed by topics about collaborating and activities for you to experience it in action.

This is the scenario to open the module:

I am inspired by the connections that my colleagues have, and I am impressed by how they use these connections to find and implement new teaching strategies. I, too, want to grow my professional learning and teaching network.


Using technology tools to build intentional connections with others, to pose and solve problems collaboratively, and to strengthen independent thought is key to building digital capacity for teaching and learning. This module explores tools for online collaborations. It offers ways to create and extend professional and personal learning networks (PLNs) through collaborations within, across, and between disciplines.


Build PLNs to collaborate and share knowledge with colleagues within, across, and between disciplines.


  • Assess how your educational approach is currently enhanced by your collaborations.
  • Explore ways to build or augment PLNs.
  • Identify strategies to extend professional connections beyond your institution or peers.
  • Experiment with digital tools that may be used to build PLNs.



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