Culminating Activity – Holy CRAAP

Peg French

image credit: “Cow Manure” flickr photo by barbourians shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Regardless of your discipline, you are concerned with learners’ understanding of their limited privacy online.

  • Evaluate the potential of “Hot on your trail: Privacy, your data, and who has access to it” using the C.R.A.A.P test.
  • Use the online form to record your C.R.A.A.P evaluation of the resource.
  • Check colleagues’ scores to compare evaluations.
  • Apply the CRAAP test to the resources that you chose for your contribution to our shared Padlet when you were exploring the repositories.
  • Use the CRAAP test to evaluate the resources for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose. If any of them “fail” the CRAAP try to find another one to replace it.
  • Now that you have deemed the resource worthy, annotate each resource, using “Add comment”. Briefly explain how you would use this resource in your course.
  • Peruse some of the contributions that are already there. Feel free to add constructive comments to their curated creations.

See some examples done by previous Extend participants.

The goal of this module is to extend your awareness and appreciation of content curation. We hope that you also recognize it as a viable and vital option for finding resources as you design, develop and revise courses. Armed with knowledge to source and assess open education resources, you now have the tools to take more control over customizing your courses while saving your learners money.


Apply for Your Badge

If you have completed the following activities, you are ready to apply for your Ontario Extend Curator Badge. This submission requires evidence of your work so you should assemble a summary if all activity into a blog post, a document sharable at a URL, or some other document you can upload as a file (10Mb maximum).

As a reminder, these are the requirements to earn your badge.

  • Defined content curation.
  • Explored Creative Commons Licenses and compared them to Copyright.
  • Used Boolean operators and limiters to refine searches.
  • Explored repositories to curate content that meet specific learning goals.
  • Used the CRAAP test to evaluate OER.
  • Reflected on using OER when designing, developing and revising courses or workshops.

You can now apply for your Curator Badge!



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