Ontario Extend, Third Edition

Alan Levine

In the first iteration in 2017-2018, Ontario Extend was implemented as an open, connected learning type structure of networked web sites for content, activity, and communication tools, based around the module content published at extend.ecampusontario.ca. Participants shared and reflected on their work in their own blogs that were syndicated to a hub site[1], where they responded to module tasks in the Ontario Extend Activity Bank[2].  They networked via twitter and joined the smaller challenges of the Daily Extend[3].

In the spirit of the Experimentation and Scholarship modules that are part of the Extend program, after an analysis and listening to feedback from participants, a second edition of Ontario Extend was offered in January 2019 as a mOOC, or a medium-sized Open Online Course hosted in edX[4]. In that iteration, several hundred educators progressed through the modules in a series of two week “lessons” per module. The experience was designed to start within the mOOC platform, but gradually offer optional paths, encouragement, and opportunities to connect beyond the mOOC itself.

Now for a third iteration, the Ontario Extend Module content is packaged here as an open textbook, offering the flexibility to be adapted for different contexts. With that in mind, the ways one might interact with the experience beyond the module (discussion and sharing in open social media, an LMS, or membership workspaces) will vary on how and with whom you are using the modules. It could be done independently, but the experience is vastly improved as part of a community.

This version of Ontario Extend provides the reader all of the content and activities of the modules.  In Module 0, you will learn more about the different modes of participation possible.

Are you ready to Extend?

  1. Domains of Our Own hub site, http://extend-domains.ecampusontario.ca/
  2. Ontario Extend Activity Bank http://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/
  3. The Daily Extend, http://extend-daily.ecampusontario.ca
  4. Ontario Extend mOOC, hosted in edX, http://bit.ly/extend-mooc-info


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