Culminating Activity – Lab Report

Giulia Forsythe

image credit: “No lab coats in the cafeteria!” flickr photo by littlegreenfroggy shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


Which experiments did you choose to explore in the previous activity? Write a reflection to share your experience. What did you use to experiment?  Why did you choose to do whatever you did? How will you use the new ideas, formats or approaches that you experimented with when you are designing learning experiences?


  • What you did.
  • How you did it (what tools and resources).
  • Why you chose those activities to experiment with.
  • How your “experiments” turned out.
  • What worked well.
  • What you would do differently.

Add graphics and videos where appropriate. Come up with a jazzy title. Add an openly licenced feature image.

You are welcome to choose the way you share your own Lab Report.

Have a look at past responses !

Apply for Your Badge

If you have completed the following activities, you are ready to apply for your Ontario Extend Experimenter Badge. This submission requires evidence of your work so you should assemble a summary if all activity into a blog post, a document sharable at a URL, or some other document you can upload as a file (10Mb maximum).

As a reminder, these are the requirements to earn your badge.

  • Completed at least 3 Daily Extends.
  • Completed at least 1 Deep Dive Extend.
  • Reflected on the Experimenter activities and shared.

You can now apply for your Experimenter Badge!


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