A First Small Stretch

Extending oneself can be a big step and we do not want anyone to pull a muscle!

We have seen great value and success for ourselves and others in a regular routine of “small stretches” that give you an opportunity to try out new techniques, tools, ways of thinking, and resources that align with the Ontario Extend Modules.

Here is one to try so you have a taste of what these look like.

An Everyday Metaphor for Extending

Think about your most memorable teacher- what did they do that made the class experience come alive to you? Can you picture in your mind being in that class?


You can look up definitions, but for our first Small Stretch exercise, we ask you to look around your home or office for an object that allows you to extend the capabilities of task or utility. Share it in a photo or just describe it.

You can choose to do this stretch by communicating with colleagues in a shared workspace or course discussion area, taking notes in a document, making a blog post, adding an annotation to this area in Hypothesis (try this link to open it)[1]. Or you can respond to it via twitter as it was originally published as the first Daily Extend https://extend-daily.ecampusontario.ca/oext1/

The Small Stretches are optional. They are not graded. There is no right or wrong way to stretch. They are designed to be something that takes you no more than 15 minutes to complete, sometimes just a few minutes. Even if you are not up to doing a stretch, there is something to be gained in seeing how others interpret and respond to them.

You will find Small Stretches in the context of modules or you can explore all of them via https://extend-daily.ecampusontario.ca/

  1. Open this page and enable Hypothes.is, https://via.hypothes.is/https://ecampusontario.pressbooks.pub/oextend/chapter/first-small-stretch/


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