The Value of SoTL

David Porter

The purpose of SoTL is to improve student learning by implementing optimized teaching practices based on research and evidence to support changes in practice.

But what is the value of SoTL for faculty?

Many SoTL practitioners, publications, and journals list potential benefits of a proactive approach to classroom scholarship, some of which are articulated in the video: Making a Case for SoTL. This video also makes a case for institutions to support faculty who are engaging in SoTL research.

Video source: Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University and the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL). This video was produced for ISSOTL Online 2013.

Extend Activity – SoTL #2 Engage with SoTL

image credit: “engaged” flickr photo by Pia Kristine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

From the video Making a Case for SoTL and the list of potential benefits below, pick a few statements that would motivate you to become more engaged in SoTL activities.

  • Better student outcomes and assessment scores.
  • Useful data for assessments, program reviews, and accreditation processes.
  • Faculty development opportunities.
  • Increased reflection on teaching and learning among colleagues.
  • Stronger overall faculty that values teaching and student learning.
  • Promotion of new networks among faculty members.
  • Scholarship opportunities in the form of presentations and publications.
  • Opportunity for outside funding to support program innovation.
  • Renewed faculty excitement about teaching and greater self-awareness.
  • You might also consider other benefits that you can think of that aren’t on this list.

Return to the shared document where you added your Three Keys for SoTL (from the Three Keys of SoTL activity) and edit your entry to include the benefits that you chose from this list. Review and add comments to the lists of other participants.

You may also choose to post into the board below. Compare with a few others. Use the board to post those any reflections or questions that you may have.

Visit the Engage With SoTL activity to see an example and responses submitted by other Extend participants.



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