Digital Literacies for Teaching

Joanne Kehoe

Digital literacies are complex and nuanced, and there are myriad to consider.  Using technology tools effectively to address specific learning challenges is just one aspect of digital literacies for teaching.  These literacies encompass the abilities to locate, use, summarize, evaluate, create, and communicate information while using digital technologies and web-based platforms. They also include the expertise to engage safely, responsibly and ethically in online communities and networks.

What does digital literacy mean to you?  How would you define digital literacy?

Explore these definitions of digital literacy:

As you are reading the definitions, take note of ideas or competencies that resonate with your sense of what digital literacy is so that you can come up with your own definition.

Developing digital literacies is an ongoing process.  These modules are a starting point; they include resources and a set of challenges and activities, that are part of a never ending process as we extend our digital literacies for teaching.

Extend Activity – Digital Literacies for Teaching

What is your definition of digital literacies for teaching?  Share and discuss your definition with your colleagues (and with students). Write a short blog post or a description that would be worth including in your teaching portfolio.

See some examples done by previous Extend participants.



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