Technologist Introduction

Joanne Kehoe

Welcome to the second Ontario Extend Module. Like the previous one, we start with a scenario to set the stage for our perspective on being a Technologist (hint— it is not about the technology). We then provide an  overview of what to expect in the module, including some readings and references, plus a new set of activities to complete.

Finally, at the end of the module, you will find a checklist and a link to earn your second Ontario Extend badge.

Technologist Scenario

Likely many of you are here because of a scenario like this:

I teach the same course in the same way and want to learn how to use and incorporate technology for the benefit of my learners.

Now that was peppy, right? It is your turn to be like Terry. But what does it take? How does one go about all the things Terry did? This module will show you the path.


Educators often find themselves standing at the crossroads between innovative use of technology as trendy or as evidence-based practice. This module will guide you as you select, use, and integrate technologies in a way that supports, facilitates, and enriches learning experiences.


Use technology tools effectively to address specific learning challenges.


  • Reflect on your digital literacies for teaching.
  • Explore ways in which technology integration can address learner-centered challenges.
  • Use the SECTIONS framework to choose among technology tools for teaching and learning.
  • Create a technology-enabled learning activity using a design-thinking approach.


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