Choose Your Own Adventure! Co-Designing and Sharing Information with Children in Healthcare

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Melissa Ngo

We’re so glad you came to visit Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital online. When you get here in person, you might discover some new spaces that you like! But, we hope you’ll recognize some of the spaces we showed you when you do come to the hospital with your family. You might even make some new friends. For now, thank you for visiting us online. We are looking forward to meeting you or seeing you next time!

We ask that you reflect on the following questions:

  • How do you think this tour would make a family feel, if they haven’t been the hospital before?
  • What impact would kids have on this project as co-designers?
  • Do you feel like you would benefit from seeing a hospital space before you enter it?

If you’re interested in finding out more about this project or if you have questions, please email Melissa at

Now that you’ve finished exploring, we hope you will go on some other adventures around the Inclusive Spectrums Exhibition.

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