Choose Your Own Adventure! Co-Designing and Sharing Information with Children in Healthcare

About the Project: Co-designing and Sharing Information with Children in Healthcare

Melissa Ngo

Before we get started on the tour, we’ll explain why we wanted to do this project.

There is a gap in healthcare

The problem: in healthcare, best practices in sharing first appointment information with children is scarce, and there is limited literature that involves children as co-designers of their own information. (Bailey, 2014) (Flynn et al., 2019) (Verjans et al., 2018).

What does this mean? This means that we don’t know about the best ways to share information with kids about their own healthcare. Kids also don’t always get the chance to give their opinions on information, when it is supposed to be for them.

We wanted to make sure we ask the right questions, in order for us to close the gap in healthcare together.

Finding the right questions

Our research questions are:

What do best practices in healthcare co-design with children look like?
How can paediatric hospitals measure and provide meaningful information designed by children, for children?

In other words, we want to ask:

What are the best ways for kids and people in healthcare to work together?
How do we know that information made by kids are helpful for other kids?

Next, we had to decide how we would find out the answers to our questions.

Choosing a path to the solution

This idea came from kids, families and staff at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

Our methodologies and goals:

  • Co-create a digital hospital tour in a focus group format with five participants
  • Test the effectiveness of the tour by providing surveys to children who have not been to the hospital before. We will use a survey that is similar to the Measures of Processes of Care (MPOC).

What we want to do:

  • Kids and people who work in healthcare will make a tour of the hospital, which will be posted online. There will be five kids who will be invited to make this tour!
  • We will ask kids who haven’t been to the hospital before to tell us if they think the tour was good or helpful. The questions will look similar to a survey that has been used many times before.

Today we’d like you to see a few of the spaces that our kids see on a regular basis, and give you a chance to choose your own adventure at our hospital too! This is just one possible version of the final tour that will be created by the end of the project – we will ask kids for their ideas on how this tour should look.

You can begin by clicking the ‘start tour’ link below.



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