Virtual Communities for Chinese Seniors in Social Isolation by Christine Chung

Activity 1: Reflections on Pre-Pandemic

Christine Chung


The purpose of this activity is to gain a deeper understanding of the aspects of physical social interaction that people miss the most with their older loved ones.

A few notes before you begin:

  • To see a preview of the board, click on the blue pointer hand on the box below
  • To add to the board, please click here to open the board in a new tab
  • To zoom in and out, hover over the bottom right corner and click + or  −, or simply scroll up or down using your mouse’s scroll wheel


  1. Choose a sticky that applies to you – click on it and press ctrl + c followed by ctrl + p to copy and paste a new sticky
  2. Fill in the blank on your new sticky with something you miss doing with your loved ones before the pandemic
  3. If more stickies apply to you, repeat steps 1 and 2 to fill out additional stickies

If you are having trouble navigating or accessing the board, please leave a comment with your response below


The goal of this activity is to collaboratively create a tapestry of memories and highlights of social interaction. It is hoped that this tapestry will help inform which key components of a virtual community environment for seniors (and their families) to include in a future designed solution.




To move on to the second activity, click Next: Activity 2: Demo & Usability Testing in the bottom right corner of your screen



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1 Response to Activity 1: Reflections on Pre-Pandemic

  1. Chris Chung on August 13, 2020 at 7:37 pm says:

    Dear Grandma, I miss making shrimp chips with you.

    Dear Grandpa, I miss getting Dim Sum with you and watching you continuously ordering too much food for the table.

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