Accessible Assistive Technology Training for Blind and Partially Sighted Individuals by Erin Lee

Activity 2: Share and reflect

Erin Lee

Activity background

In this activity I ask that you engage with a brainstorming exercise. If possible, I’d like you to share and reflect on your experience with learning technology related to employment. For instance, how you learned Microsoft Office. The results of this activity may inform my research as I seek to understand instances of how individuals naturally learn technology used in the employment setting.

My example: I don’t recall a moment when I specifically sought out technology training that I currently use on the job. However, through school, both high school and university, I started to develop skills in Microsoft Word, Email, PowerPoint which are all programs I frequently use during the work day.

In this shared google doc you will find four prompting questions. Please take a moment to answer the questions in the document.


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