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Explore Spiral Garden’s Art Spaces

Melissa Ngo

Spiral Garden’s Art Spaces

You made your way to Spiral Garden, which is where kids can take a break, take a walk, or make some art! This is a place where you can be really creative, go to summer camp, and where you can learn about what other kids have made. It is in the ‘backyard’ of Holland Bloorview. You can click and drag the two images below to look around Spiral Garden. You can also click the blue and white plus signs to find out a little more information. There is also a scene description available if you click the ‘i’ icon in the bottom left corner of the image.

There’s more you can look at, if you go down the path!

Here is a short video about the art spaces at Holland Bloorview. You’ll hear a little bit about why we think art is so important, from our Artist, Shannon! She talks about how it’s okay to ‘get messy’!



Choose where you want to go next!

I’m done looking around!



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