Choose Your Own Adventure! Co-Designing and Sharing Information with Children in Healthcare

Explore the Waiting Rooms

Melissa Ngo

Waiting Rooms

Welcome to the second floor waiting areas! You might have chosen to explore the waiting room because you have an appointment at Holland Bloorview soon. Other kids who are waiting for an appointment too might be around this area too! Plus, you might see a few fun things that you wouldn’t expect. For example, you might find a big fish tank and a carpet where you can play games! You can click and drag the images below to look around the waiting rooms. You can also click the blue and white plus signs to find out a little more information. There is also a scene description available if you click the ‘i’ icon in the bottom left corner of the image.


If you’re going to the dentist, maybe you’ll wait over here in this waiting area! Both waiting areas are down the hall from each other.



You will likely see someone who works at Holland Bloorview if you are in the waiting area. They might ask you questions, move around with you, or talk about how you are feeling! Here is Gabby, one of our social workers, who makes sure you and your family will feel safe every time you come to an appointment.


Choose where you want to go next!

I’m done looking around!




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