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This course aims to create a class environment of mutual respect and psychological safety. It is therefore important that students understand, in advance of taking this course on death and dying, that throughout this course they will be challenged (via course materials and assignments) to critically engage with issues tied to death and dying, and issues and topics related to their own mortality, including end-of-life planning. Given the potentially challenging and sensitive focus of this course, it is important for each student to recognize that they may find some course content emotionally difficult or distressing. It is therefore recommended that students read the syllabus and carefully peruse the course text material and assignments, to determine if this course is right for them. To a limited degree, students may also, in consultation with the professor, opt to not fully participate in certain course sessions or not consume particular course content. For students who decide to take this course, the following support resources are available if needed:

Resource List

For University of Windsor Students:

Name & Location Contact Information Additional Information
Student Counselling Centre 

CAW Student Centre
Room 293


(519) 253-3000
ext. 4616

Student Health Services 

CAW Student Centre
Room 242


(519) 973-7002

  • Mon.-Thur. 9am-5pm
  • Fri. 9am-1pm, 2pm-5pm

Windsor-Essex County (Off-Campus):

Name & Location Contact Information Additional Information
Community Crisis Centre744 Ouellette Ave. Windsor, ON N9A 1C3
(519) 973-4435
  • 8am-8pm
  • Open 7 days a week.
  • Walk-in service at community crisis centre
Windsor Regional Hospital Emergency Department
1030 Ouellette Ave.(519) 973-4411
1995 Lens Ave
(519) 254-5577
  • 24-hour crisis line.
  • 24-hour walk-in service.


Windsor Essex Community Health Centre (weCHC) – Teen Health
1361 Ouellette Ave.
Room Number: 101

(519) 253-8481
  • Tues. & Wed. 9am-8pm
  • Mon. & Thurs. 9am-6pm
  • Fri. 9am-5pm
  • By appointment only
  • Services for ages 12-24


Distress Centre of Windsor – Essex County
1466 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 1K3

(519) 256-5000
  • 12pm-Midnight
  • 7 days a week
  • Free, anonymous, confidential emotional support, crisis intervention, and referrals by phone
Canadian Mental Health Association 1400 Windsor Ave. Windsor, ON (519) 255-7440
(519) 326-1620 (Leamington)


WE Trans Support1435 Tecumseh Rd E, Tecumseh, ON
N8W 1E4
(226) 674-4745
Amherstburg Community Services 320 Richmond St.
Amherstburg, ON
N9V 1H4
(519) 736-5471
  • Mon.-Fri. 9am – 4pm


Community Support Centre (Belle River)
962 Old Tecumseh Rd, Belle River, ON
N0R 1A0
(519) 728-1435
  • Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-4:30pm


Windsor Essex Community Health Centre (weCHC) – Leamington
33 Princess St #450, Leamington, ON
N8H 5C5
(519) 997-2828
  • Mon. & Wed. 8am-5pm
  • Tues. 8am-8pm
  • Thurs. 8am-6pm
  • Fri. 8am-4pm


Online/Telephone Support:

Name & Location Contact Information Additional Information
My Student Support Program (SSP)

Outside of North America:001-416-380-6578
  • Free confidential counselling by licensed counsellors.
  • 24/7, via call or text.
  • At any time, students have access to 35+ languages/cultures.


Good2Talk 1-866-925-5454
  • Free confidential help line for post-secondary students.
Here 24/7: Mental Health and Crisis Service Team 1-844-437-3247
Canadian Crisis Hotline 1-888-353-2273
Crisis Services Canada
Toll Free (24/7):1-833-456-4566
Text Support:(4pm – 12am ET daily): 45645
Better Help www.betterhelp.com
  • Online access to professional counsellors.
  • On the web and available for iPhone and Android users.
The LifeLine App www.thelifelinecanada.ca
  • Access to phone, online chat, text, & email crisis support.
  • E-counselling, self-management tools, access to crisis centres across Canada.
  • For iPhone & Android users.
Big White Wall Canada
  • Anonymous peer support community accessible anytime.
Canada Suicide Prevention Service 1-833-456-4566www.crisisservicescanada.ca/en/
  • Offers 24/7/365 bilingual support to people in Canada who have concerns about suicide.
  • Phone line available 24/7.
Distress and Crisis Ontario
  • Across Ontario.
  • Offer support and a variety of services to their communities.
  • Usually 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The website also offers a chat function.

Indigenous-Specific Resources:

Name & Location Contact Information Additional Information
Hope for Wellness Help Line 
1 (855) 242-3310
  • Offers immediate mental health counselling and crisis intervention to all Indigenous peoples across Canada.
  • Phone and chat counselling is available in English, French, Cree, Ojibway, and Inuktitut.
Anishnawbe 24/7 – Mental Health Crisis Management Service    (416) 891-8606
  • For Indigenous clients.
Talk4healing   1 (855) 554-4325
  • For Indigenous women.
National Indian Residential School Crisis Line  1 (866) 925-4419
  • Offers support to former residential school students and those affected.
  • Available 24 hours.


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