10.4 After Death Work

Drawing of a clipboard with a checklist.

As soon as a loved one dies, there is much work to be done. In addition to all the decisions that need to be made about disposal of the body, end of life ceremonies, writing and posting of death notices and obituaries, there are all the things that the government expects the family (or a representative for the family) to complete shortly after the death. This is part of the reason why planning end-of-life wishes in advance (including body disposal arrangements and funeral/memorial plans) is extremely helpful for loved ones. By making as many of these decisions as possible in advance, you ease the burden on your family and provide them more time to mourn, focus on taking care of themselves, and healing.

The Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments provide detailed instructions on their websites of what needs to be done after someone dies. Below are links to relevant Government of Canada and Government of Ontario websites. The Government of Canada website provides a step-by-step process for you to follow, however, it does require that you be in possession of certain documents pertaining to the deceased: Statement of Death, Death Certificate, Social Insurance Number.

Click the links below to learn more about Government of Canada and Ontario requirements following a death:

Notify the Federal Government of a Death (Government of Canada)

What to do When Someone Dies (Government of Ontario) 


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