10.6 Chapter Summary

Key Summary Points 

  1. Advanced Care Plans (APC) detail our values and wishes for end-of-life care.
  2. Substitute Decision Makers (SDM) are people we appoint through a Power of Attorney for Personal Care to make health and medical decisions on our behalf, when we are unable to do so for ourselves.
  3. Having a Will detailing our wishes for the distribution of our assets and appointing a durable Power of Attorney (for property), is an important part of any end-of-life planning activities.
  4. Having “the conversation” with loved ones is essential for end-of-life planning and for making sure our values and wishes are honoured.
  5. Opening up a dialogue about death and engaging in end-of-life planning (including planning for the disposal of our body and our end of life ceremony) can ease the burden of the work that has to occur after we die.

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