10.5 Talking About End-of-Life Care

Drawing of two people sitting on a couch with a coffee table. An older man with pen and paper is consoling a younger man in distress.
Talking about End-of-Life Care.

The only way we can guarantee that we receive the EOL care we want and ensure that our values and beliefs are honoured is to talk about these things with our loved ones. It is especially important to have these conversations with those individuals who may end up having to make health and EOL decisions on our behalf. Ideally these conversations should occur when we are healthy. It is also important to know your rights as a patient. Remember that “knowledge is power” (Dying with Dignity Canada, n.d.-b).

Click the link below to learn more about your rights as a patient:

Protect Yourself: Your Rights As a Patient

VIDEO: Practice Makes Perfect

This short video illustrates ways you can start “the conversation.”

VIDEO: Advance Care Planning – Conversations

This short video reminds us of the importance of talking about death and the importance of having “the conversation” about what you want in advance with your loved ones and SDM(s).


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